Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Impulse Body Fragrance in Very Pink

Everyone you need to go and get this body spray. This one in my opinion is the best smelling body spray i have ever smelt by far. Seriously guys go to your local supermarket (i think all the supermarkets stock it) and smell this body spray. It lasts for quite a while but i do put alot on, wuuups. 
This aerosol has a sweet blend of pink grapefruit and vanilla scents, designed to revitalise, freshen and even inspire romance. This every day anti-perspirant enlivens the body, providing revitalising freshness that lasts for a long time.

My Thoughts
Recently i made myself a new personal blog and twitter. I have deleted my old twitter account and had a fresh start with a new one also, i made it so it suits both of my blogs now because my old one just suited this account but the new one i have made, i have made based on me and what i wanted so you guys can get to know me better. My new blog is also based on me (by this i mean how i wanted it to look and it does not have a very professional look because i tried to show my personality on it). On my new blog it is very personal and going to be about my life and my thoughts and feeling about everything and anything really, links will be below.
Hope you guys are all okay.

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Monday, 20 February 2012

NYC's (New York Colours) Eye Linner pencil in jet black

My first impression of this pencils is....
This pencil draws a nice line but it is not my favorite pencil. Simply because it is not as black as i would like it to be. I like my eyeliner pencils to be jet black because i think if your going to wear eyeliner you are most likely to wear it on a night out or if you are going to wear it on your waterline and if you are going to tight line your eye. 

This eyeliner i dont think this does the job quite as i would like it to be done and as a result i will not be repurchasing this eyeliner but its cheap and is alright for the minute till i buy another or till this runs out but i dont wear eyeliner that often because i feel it makes my eyes look smaller.