Sunday, 2 December 2012

Primark Haul

Hello Ravingbeauties x
I went to Primark last weekend and it was packed but i managed to pick up a few bits that i really love and wanted to share with you.
Black Leather Jacket | Primark | £25
 I have been wanting to buy a black leather jacket for ages and i liked the look of this one when i had changed it abit. Instead of wearing it how it looks on the coat hanger, i choose to flip it out as shown in the picture of me wearing it. I have literally been wearing it every time i go out with lots of different scarves.
Black and Beige Stripy Jumper | Primark | £8
 I saw this nice woolly jumper and put it in my basket as it is simply perfect for winter on those really cold days. It will keep you toasty.
Black Skull Scarf | Primark | £3
 I saw my friend wearing this with her leather jacket and when i saw it and had already put my leather jacket in my basket, i decided this went nicely with it. I have been very into scarves this winter and have a increasingly growing collection of them.
Rose Gold Watch | Primark | £5
I wanted a rose gold watch back in July but i never saw one that quite floated my boat. So when i saw this and the price of it i put it in my basket and i have worn it everyday ever since. I love pairing it with complimentary bracelets.

Have you bought any items from Primark recently??

Speak to you guys soon 

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