Saturday, 25 August 2012

Primark Haul

Hello Ravingbeauties x
A couple of weeks ago I took a trip to Primark because I wanted to see all the autumn and winter clothes trends that were in Primark. Lets face it there hasn't really been a summer in England this year so I have started to purchase some warmer clothes ready for autumn winter and i thought i would show you what I bought.
Black Blazer with a polka dot lining | Primark | £22
When I saw this blazer I simply fell in love. I have been wanting a black blazer for ages and when I saw this one with the polka dot lining, I knew I had to get it. This blazer will go with everything and I think its going to be a big trend again this winter. They make an outfit complete and can just add a little something to a plain everyday look. It can be worn whenever, at work or when meeting friends and I just love the look it give me when I wear it.
Grey Flowy Top | Primark | £7
 This winter metallic is in and I love flowy tops so when I saw this grey flowy top with the metallic colour I fell in love. I also thought it would go nicely with my blazer. A warning though, you have to wear a vest top underneath it or you will show all your bra.
Red Vest Top | Primark | £2
I just picked up these leggings because they go with literally anything, you ca just wear them with a top and  you are done. You can never have enough pairs of black leggings because they can be worn with literally anything.
Black Leggings | Primark | £3
I just picked up these leggings because they go with literally anything, you can just wear them with a top and  you are done. You can never have enough pairs of black leggings because they can be worn with literally anything.
Navy Leggings | Primark | £3
I always buy black leggings but on me and my mums last trip to Primark she picked up some navy blue legging and has been wearing them quite regularly and they look really nice. They look a little like your wearing jeggings from a distance but I have been really liking them on her. So I bought my own.

So thats all my purchases and i have to say i am really pleased with all of them, sorry I didn't post this sooner but i had a couple of problems but they are sorted now and i hope you can still purchase these items in Primark if you want to purchase anything I've shown in this post. Hopefully i will get to do some ootd's with these items soon if i remember.

Have you started buying items for the colder months???

speak soon 

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Monday, 6 August 2012

I dyed my hair using Derma V10 Brilliant Ten Light Brown Hair Dye


Hello Ravingbeauties x
So i decided to dye my hair before going on holiday because obviously i want my hair to be looking tip top. There will be lots of photos being taken and i obviously like anyone else would, want to have a nice colour to my hair.

So before i dyed my hair, my hair had two different colours. This is because last year before going on holiday i wanted my hair to be its natural colour so i went with my mum and we purchased the nearest colored hair dye we could find to my ruts. So when i got home i applied the dye and went on holiday. I was very pleased with the colour but soon after getting home my ruts started to show and the colour i had put on my hair had been about three or four shades lighter than my actual hair colour. I decided that i wanted to grow my hair out to its natural colour. When it came to this years holiday, i had ruts to about just above my ear and i didn't want my hair to be like that for this years holiday so having more hair to look at to get the right colour, i headed to the shops with my mum again and found this one and as far as i can see it is the same colour as my natural hair.

I really highly recommend this hair dye, it was from savers and only £1.99 which is a complete bargain, it was really easy to apply and it works in 10 minutes which i was especially happy about. Also i found that after washing the dye out and using the conditioner my hair was so soft, it didn't feel damaged at all, in fact it felt healthier. I think this is down to the conditioner so i have continued to use it on the ends of my hair.

If anyone is thinking of purchasing this hair dye please do, its amazingly cheap and good quality.

 Speak to you guys soon 

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Really sorry that i have been gone for a couple of weeks, i have been on a family holiday in Turkey.

Apologies xx