Saturday, 23 June 2012

I Had My Eye Brows Threaded

(the day i had them done)
(about 6 weeks later)
(the overall look the day i had them done)
Hello Ravingbeauties x
About two month ago i had my eyebrows threaded and i thought i would do a post on it. In this post i would  like to share my experience of the treatment, after care and the overall look, so here it is.

It was only £5 to get my eyebrows threaded and i never really bothered with my eyebrows before so i decided to get it done. I sat down in the chair and she just started, she didn't ask me what shape i wanted or anything but even if she had i wouldn't of known what to go for anyway. So she got her thread out and started the threading process. I'm not going to lie to you it does hurt. I would best describe the pain as like when you are plucking your eyebrows and you get that one stubborn hair that you really have to pull for it to come out and it hurts in the process, well its like lots of them all at the same time. It did feel like it went on for ages and your just led there waiting for it to be over, but in actual fact it only took here between 5-10 minutes and after i sat up my friend was laughing at me. She said that when i was having the treatment done i kept clenching my purse tighter and she found it highly amusing.

After trimming my eyebrows at the start of them where they sometimes can get a bit bushy and then she got a brush and dusted the hairs of my face. After that she applied a type of gel but i'm not sure what it was but it was so soothing and nice of my sore eyebrows, it was literally the most amazing feeling ever. I then sat up and she handed me the mirror and i instantly fell in love with the shape and the look and everything about them. WARNING The only problem was, i had a massive red stripe across my face where my eyebrows were and it was the most embarrassing thing going round with a red stripe across my head because i had never had it done before i hadn't brought any makeup with me but in future i will but then again thinking back it might have irritated my face even more so i probably wouldn't recommend it but just expect it.

The good thing about the place i went is that they give you at card i think if you get them to mark it in your book every time you go on the 7th time you go the next treatment is free which is good but i have just been maintaining them myself. I wanted to get them done so i could have a shape to follow and i think they did it well. I have not been back for another treatment because i don't really think i need one. Every time i see a new stray hair i pluck it and thats it they are back to the way they looked when the lady did them so i don't really think there is any point to getting them done if you keep on top of them. The only other thing i do to my eyebrows is i fill them in using the Rimmel Professional Eye Brow Pencil in 002 hazel which retails for £3; MUA mascara in clear shade 1.

I feel like the lady did a really good job at threading my eyebrows and i would go to her again. I like the shape and the thickness because i think it goes well with my face shape. So anyone whos thinking of having them dooooo it, it is one of my best decisions yet.

 Speak to you guys soon 

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  1. Oh I LOVE having my eyebrows threaded! Yes it does hurt but I seem to be able to stand it more than when I have them plucked, and they always look MUCH nicer, and stay groomed for much longer! =D Best part is, it's only RM8 here in Malaysia and they're done by pro Indian ladies.. =)

  2. This post is so helpful! I've been considering getting my eyebrows threaded for a while, and have been wondering about the pain and the result and everything. Thank you so much, your eyebrows are a gorgeous shape xx

  3. You're so pretty! And I always get my eyebrows threaded too, but the pain depends on the thread being used. As at brow bars, they use a thicker thread and it hurts even more. I hate the pain but threading does a good job! :)

  4. I'd love to get my brows threaded, my mum had it done and her eyebrows looked amazing, as do yours! :) x

  5. wow, your eyebrows look SO good! i've never had my eyebrows done professionally -- maybe i should sometime though! they look pretty hellish right now. ha ha!
    love your blog, by the way! i'm having a fun time scrolling through the pages :) i'm officially suscribed!


  6. The idea behind threading just sounds so painful! But your brows do look lovely!

    Laura x

  7. Your eyebrows look fantastic. Has the hair taken longer to grow back than plucking/waxing? I'm considering having mine threaded but it's quite expensive.

  8. Your eyebrows looks great! Not a stray hair in sight!

  9. They look great! I have always considered getting my eyebrows done but never got around to it, i might now though!
    That post was super helpful, i cant wait to see more from you.

  10. I get my eyebrows threader every couple of weeks, I love the look it creates and would NEVER go back to just plucking or waxing! They have done a really good job on you, they are a lovely shape and not thin which I love!! Gorgeous. x

    Now following. :)

  11. I always get them threaded!

    I always love the look they give x

    Natali xox

  12. i've never had mine threaded, but yours are such a great shape!

    you have a great blog, definitely following!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  13. I've been getting my eyebrows threaded for years and I love it! Yours look awesome!!!

  14. I always get mine threaded, it is so neat and by far the best way to neaten eyebrows. You know what they say - no pain no gain! - @the_chadd

  15. ive been thinking about doing this, but im pretty scared about it, especially after your red stripe incident hahah x

    1. Go with your friends and get them to have it done so your not the only one with a red stripe and then make a joke out of it, because its so worth the red stripe x


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