Saturday, 16 June 2012

Exposé streak free self tanning mousse

Hello Ravingbeauties x
This product is available from Bodycare at 99p and Homebargins at 89p which in my opinion is a real steal.
Exposé streak free self tanning mousse claims to be for you face, legs and body but i personally have not and will not be trying it on my face because i never put any false tan on my face because i do not want to upset my skin.

It is formulated with aloe vera which is meant to keep your skin moisturized. I am not sure whether it actually  does this because my skin looked and felt the same before and after i put it on so it could be that the fake tan drys your skin out and then the aloe vera moisturizes it so it looks the same or it could of not dried my skin out at all (i'm not sure) but my skin looked the same as before.

Also it claims to:
- Develop an even and natural looking tan in hours.
- No streaks formula.
- Works with or without the sun.
I feel like it does develop a even and natural looking tan in hours but it does take hours to develop so you cannot see it instantly when you first apply it. This means it would not be a good product for a last minute night out because you would have to apply it the night before for it to have fully developed.

I have found that it has left me with no streaks but i think thats because i apply it with a tanning mitt which i feel can give you a streak free finish with every tan.

For the best result, i exfoliate with my exfoliating gloves then when i have come out of the bath or shower and  my pores have closed up. Using my tanning mitt i apply the tan all over my body but not my face or stomach because i have recently had my belly button pierced and it was recommended not to apply false tan to that area until it has properly healed.The next morning i moisturize all over my body. Later that night i apply another coat of the fake tan. I repeat this process everyday for the best and darkest look.

The bottle contains 140ml of product and it has lasted me about a month which i would say is about average.

Exposé streak free self tanning mousse give me a deep golden glowy tan to my skin. A really nice healthy glow. You do not look dirty and have to shower it off for it to look natural after the application but i feel like you need to give it 24-48hours to fully develop and then have a shower to get rid of the small smell you have. The only downfall in my eyes is that their is no guide colour, the mousse is white and drys clear and also the small smell but with fake tan i think you have to expect it really because i have never found a false tan that smells nice and stays smelling nice after being applied.

I will definitely be repurchasing this product and it will have a permanent place in my collection of fake tan but i will probably still try out other fake tans.

 Speak to you guys soon 

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  1. Omg I have this product, i like it just not so keen on the smell

  2. I've only ever really tried one fake tan properly and it was a Piz Buin one, I would reccomend it!

      Madison's Assortment

  3. This is really helpful! I've been looking for any fake tans for awhile and always read reviews on them :) come and read my blog?

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  5. What a bargain!I normally use St Moritz but this is even cheaper! just found your blog, now following!! xx


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