Thursday, 28 June 2012

What I have in my summers sports day bag?

Hello Ravingbeauties x
Today i had sports day and i thought that most schools will be having their sports days to so i decided to share what i have in my sports day bag with all of you. Just because i have called it my sports day bag it does not mean that, that is all it can be. It can be for any sports or activities days you want.

In my sports day bag i have:
-my makeup bag to touch up throughout the day,
-a mirror so you can see what your doing when touching up you makeup or adjusting your hair,
-sunglasses to protect your eyes against the sun,
-a hair brush to brush out any tangles in your hair,
-the TED BAKER London body spray,
-comb to do my hair,
-deodorant so i can keep smelling fresh,
-the Midnight Fantasy perfume to keep me smelling sweet,
-a energy drink just in case you need any energy boost before a race,
-sun cream to protect yourself against the sun,
-my purse so i can buy food,
-grips to secure any loose hair,
-my favorite lollipops to eat,
-bobbles just incase you forget to put your hair up,
-a lip balm/butter so i can keep my lips soft and moisturized,
-earphones to listen to music,
-my blackberry that was to keep in contact with my friends and family and to put reminders for my events, to listen to music, to keep up to date on the social sites,
-your lunch which i have already ate,
-keys which i haven't taken pictures of for obvious reasons,
-my event timetable which i didnt take a picture of because it has my school on the front,
-a dark blue hoodie so that if its cold i can wear this,
-my 2 litre bottle of water,

I also in that picture should of included a huge 2 litre bottle of still water and a dark blue hoodie but i forgot about them and had already taken, edited and put the pictures in my post before i realized so i have taken pictures of them and they are going to be added below but they will be alone.

So thats whats in my sports day bag, what would you put in yours or would you take out or add anything to mine because i have another sports day coming up soon, so any tips would be helpful.

 Speak to you guys soon 

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  1. I use the Nivea suncream but I have to use the Factor 30 or 50 as I'm so pale ha ha

    Tanesha x

    1. i checked your blog out and i love it, its super cute x

  2. The perfume looks lovely!!

  3. Lovely post!

    Emma x

  4. LOve what's in my bag posts! :)

    Please check out my new blog:

  5. Really great post!
    Love how many lollies you have in your bag! haha x

    1. thank you and i love them, i just can't get enough of them x

  6. Sports day was always such a good day at school!! Definitely need the energy drink and the lollies :).

    Love the blog. If you fancy having a look at mine its xx


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