Friday, 29 July 2011

W7 Honolulu Bronzing Powder

W7 Honnolulu Bronzing Powder
Ever since i have come home from being on holiday in Turkey for 2 weeks i have been wearing this bronzing powder as a blush to just make my face/skin look as if to be sun kissed and i just think that looks so cute in summer. This Product was only £1.99 from savers and i am really surprised with the pigmentation. For a cheap £1.99 product the pigmentation is amazing. Its totally matte to no shimmer glitter or anything. You could also use this product for browning with a big fluffy brush and apply it ll over you skin to make a nice natural tanned look.

The way i apply this product is i get any normal blush brush and put quite a bit from my apples up to my temples. Then i get Primarks pink kabuki brush and blend it out in circular motions until it looks like i have been kissed from the sun, sun kissed lol. 

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

St.Moriz Tanning Mouse - Dark | St.Moriz Tanning Mist - Natural Medium Glow - Fair to Normal

on the left St.Moriz Tanning Mousse - Dark | on the right  St.Moriz Tanning Mist - Natural Medium Glow - Fair to Medium | B&M Bargins | £2.99 each

Hello Ravingbeauties x
I love this it looks so natural and glowy. When you have applied this all over your body it gives you such a sun kissed look it is unreal. I love the way it looks because it looks like you have been in a hot country for a week. It  doesn't look orange at all it just looks like a natural tan.  When you apply the tan it makes you look a little dirty but that is normal it will wash off when you jump in the shower. The smell when you smell it in the bottle it smells a bit like baby shampoo but when it goes on the skin it does smell abit biscuity which is abit off a downfall in this product the same as it making you look abit dirty when applied. You can only smell the biscuity smell when you put your nose close next to your skin. 

The way i apply this is i go in the shower and exfoliate my body head to toe. When i get out i moisturize my elbows knee ankles toe in between my fingers etc..... Then i apply the fake tan all over my body from head to toe using a tanning mitt in circular motions. I have found that using circular motions is the best was to avoid streaks. If you don't use a tanning mitt i have found that this tan will easily streak. Anyway then if i am doing my tanning routine at night i will then shower the following night or if i am doing my tanning routine in the morning i will shower it of that night. 

Top Tips 
Always use a tanning mitt with this self tanner and go in circular motions.
Everytime you go in the shower exfoliate so that your tan doesn't go patchy and fades like a natural tan.
Wait 6-8 hours to was it off so the tan can soak deep into your skin. 

Friday, 22 July 2011

Cotton Tree Body Butter In Mango

I love this product because it is so moisturizing and thick. It also smells amazing and the smell  lingers on your body for ages which i consider a good thing but if you don't like that. I haven't found that it mixes with my perfume and creates a horrible sent. You can only smell it on your body if someone is looking for the sent or if they are very up close to you but as i have said i don't find that it mixes with any of my perfumes to create any other scent other than the perfume i am wearing. This body butter has lasted me i think 3 months but thats because i use it religiously and i use alot of it.  

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

August Favorites

My August Favorites

Cotton Tree Body Butter in Mango | 99p
Cotton Tree Body Butter in Mango | 99p
I love this product because it is just so moisturizing and the thick consistency makes it feel really nice when applying it to my skin. 
St.Moriz Tanning Mousse - Dark | B&M Bargins | £2.99      
St.Moriz Tanning Mousse in Dark is a good product to use when you want a natural looking tan. Although it does leave your skin looking dirty but when you shower the tan off, you are left with a beautiful, natural looking tan.
W7 Honolulu Bronzing Powder | Savers | £1.99
W7 Honolulu Bronzing Powder | Savers | £1.99
Ever since i came home from being on holiday in Turkey for 2 weeks i have been wearing this bronzing powder on my cheekbones. It makes my face and skin look sun kissed and is great for summer.
Barry M Nail Paint in Strawberry | Superdrug | £2.99 
Barry M Nail Paint in Strawberry | Superdrug | £2.99
I have been wearing this nail varnish all summer, its just so pretty.Pastel nail varnish had been in all summer but this one by far is my favorite one yet. In general i love nail paints but, this colour just reminds me the most of summer but, summer is now over and its time to get out your darker nail varnishes girls for Autumn/Winter.

Primarks Kabuki Brush
I love this brush so much everyday in my foundation routine i use it to buff my foundation out,buff my blush out so its looks more natural and lots more trust me i will list all the things in my in detailed blog post that will go up soon.

I Love Raspberry & Blueberry Glossy Lip Balm 
This lip balm is amazingly moisturizing it leaves my lips with a nice pinky lip gloss and is moisturizing my lips at the same time bonus bonus.

Kylie Monogue Showtime Perfume
This smells so good its unreal i will put a full in depth discription on the sent on my blog post.

For The Girls Lipgloss In A Light Shimmery Pink Colour
It looks so pretty on and i dont know what else to say but it just looks really pretty.

MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara 
This Mascara is amazing it looks so good on and it makes my lashes really long a volumized. 

What is in your August Favorites??

Speak to you guys soon 

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Friday, 15 July 2011

Haul New Look and a Local Boutique

 Black Baggy Military style trousers | New Look | £6
Hello Ravingbeauties x
Theses military style trousers are from New Look. I personally think that i was really lucky to find them. I found them on a sale rail, so i am not sure if you will be able to find them in all New Look stores. They are a really nice soft material the same sort of material you get on leggings but only they are baggy. I love the detail at the top i think it give them a really nice military feel and they are just really trendy in the fashion industry. I personally find that they fit a very slim figger like a glove. When i saw them I realized that there was only a size 13 on the sale rail so i quickly got them and took them to the changing rooms when i got there i tried them on and they weren't long enough so i started searching round on the sale rail and i finally found a size 14. So i tried them on and they fit like a glove when i eventually got to the till, they rang in at £6. So i think these black military style trousers were a really good find.
Black Long Cardigan | Local Boutique | £5
This cardigan is so cute and warm. I love it. You can get basically the same cardigans from everywhere, i am sure a shop near you will have a cardigan exactly like this one. If  you search for the brand graffic you will find one somewhere. This cardigan is black, it is the same material as leggings. It has no buttons and is just very baggy it also has quite big open pockets to, but i wouldn't put any money or your phone in them because it could easily fall out. I think they are mainly there for effect. This cardigan come down to just below my bum as i am sure you can see by this picture and I am 5ft 4''

Have you found any really good bargins recently?

Speak to you guys soon 

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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

NYC - Long Wearing Nail Enamel - Starry Silver Glitter 105

New York Color - Long Wearing Nail Enamel - Starry Silver Glitter 105 | Superdrug | £1.99
Hello Ravingbeauties x
So i bought this a couple of weeks ago and i finally applied it to my nails today. So i thought i would share my thoughts on this product with you. 

This product is available in Superdrug at £1.99, i have also seen that most supermarkets and chemists stock it. NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel is easy to apply and looks amazing when the light is on it. It shines lots of different colours which would be great for a night out with the dance floor lights shining on it.

I wont be wearing this nail varnish on its own because it isn't opaque enough for my person preference but may be for yours. Also sometimes i think it looks rather odd with the random larger blue sequin bits in it and next time i will go for a glitter nail varnish without any larger sequin bits in it but that again is my personal preference, so you might love them.

I needed 3 coats when worn on its own but that was just the purpose of this post. On a day to day basis i will be wearing it as a top coat to give my normal plainly painted nails abit of sparkle.
what it looks like on my nails | 3 coats
I probably wont be repurchasing this nail varnish in the future because i think there are many like it on the market which i want to try out.

Whats your favorite glitter nail varnish?

 Speak to you guys soon 

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