Tuesday, 12 July 2011

NYC - Long Wearing Nail Enamel - Starry Silver Glitter 105

New York Color - Long Wearing Nail Enamel - Starry Silver Glitter 105 | Superdrug | £1.99
Hello Ravingbeauties x
So i bought this a couple of weeks ago and i finally applied it to my nails today. So i thought i would share my thoughts on this product with you. 

This product is available in Superdrug at £1.99, i have also seen that most supermarkets and chemists stock it. NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel is easy to apply and looks amazing when the light is on it. It shines lots of different colours which would be great for a night out with the dance floor lights shining on it.

I wont be wearing this nail varnish on its own because it isn't opaque enough for my person preference but may be for yours. Also sometimes i think it looks rather odd with the random larger blue sequin bits in it and next time i will go for a glitter nail varnish without any larger sequin bits in it but that again is my personal preference, so you might love them.

I needed 3 coats when worn on its own but that was just the purpose of this post. On a day to day basis i will be wearing it as a top coat to give my normal plainly painted nails abit of sparkle.
what it looks like on my nails | 3 coats
I probably wont be repurchasing this nail varnish in the future because i think there are many like it on the market which i want to try out.

Whats your favorite glitter nail varnish?

 Speak to you guys soon 

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  1. Oooh that nail polish looks lovely! I've been looking for a nice glittery colour


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