Friday, 15 July 2011

Haul New Look and a Local Boutique

 Black Baggy Military style trousers | New Look | £6
Hello Ravingbeauties x
Theses military style trousers are from New Look. I personally think that i was really lucky to find them. I found them on a sale rail, so i am not sure if you will be able to find them in all New Look stores. They are a really nice soft material the same sort of material you get on leggings but only they are baggy. I love the detail at the top i think it give them a really nice military feel and they are just really trendy in the fashion industry. I personally find that they fit a very slim figger like a glove. When i saw them I realized that there was only a size 13 on the sale rail so i quickly got them and took them to the changing rooms when i got there i tried them on and they weren't long enough so i started searching round on the sale rail and i finally found a size 14. So i tried them on and they fit like a glove when i eventually got to the till, they rang in at £6. So i think these black military style trousers were a really good find.
Black Long Cardigan | Local Boutique | £5
This cardigan is so cute and warm. I love it. You can get basically the same cardigans from everywhere, i am sure a shop near you will have a cardigan exactly like this one. If  you search for the brand graffic you will find one somewhere. This cardigan is black, it is the same material as leggings. It has no buttons and is just very baggy it also has quite big open pockets to, but i wouldn't put any money or your phone in them because it could easily fall out. I think they are mainly there for effect. This cardigan come down to just below my bum as i am sure you can see by this picture and I am 5ft 4''

Have you found any really good bargins recently?

Speak to you guys soon 

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