Tuesday, 26 July 2011

St.Moriz Tanning Mouse - Dark | St.Moriz Tanning Mist - Natural Medium Glow - Fair to Normal

on the left St.Moriz Tanning Mousse - Dark | on the right  St.Moriz Tanning Mist - Natural Medium Glow - Fair to Medium | B&M Bargins | £2.99 each

Hello Ravingbeauties x
I love this it looks so natural and glowy. When you have applied this all over your body it gives you such a sun kissed look it is unreal. I love the way it looks because it looks like you have been in a hot country for a week. It  doesn't look orange at all it just looks like a natural tan.  When you apply the tan it makes you look a little dirty but that is normal it will wash off when you jump in the shower. The smell when you smell it in the bottle it smells a bit like baby shampoo but when it goes on the skin it does smell abit biscuity which is abit off a downfall in this product the same as it making you look abit dirty when applied. You can only smell the biscuity smell when you put your nose close next to your skin. 

The way i apply this is i go in the shower and exfoliate my body head to toe. When i get out i moisturize my elbows knee ankles toe in between my fingers etc..... Then i apply the fake tan all over my body from head to toe using a tanning mitt in circular motions. I have found that using circular motions is the best was to avoid streaks. If you don't use a tanning mitt i have found that this tan will easily streak. Anyway then if i am doing my tanning routine at night i will then shower the following night or if i am doing my tanning routine in the morning i will shower it of that night. 

Top Tips 
Always use a tanning mitt with this self tanner and go in circular motions.
Everytime you go in the shower exfoliate so that your tan doesn't go patchy and fades like a natural tan.
Wait 6-8 hours to was it off so the tan can soak deep into your skin. 

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