Wednesday, 5 September 2012

August Favorites

Hey Ravingbeauties x
Today i thought i would do a August Favorites post and show you everything i have been loving throughout August. I wont be doing these posts every month because sometimes my favorites are exactly the same as the month before. Some products haven't been hauled yet and that is because i just haven't got round to doing a post on them yet so you might see some of the products in this post being hauled after but, all the products that will be in a haul after this post have in fact been bought near the start of August.
My August Favorites
The Body Shop Madagascan Vanilla Flower Fragrance Mist | The Body Shop | £7
 So my first item is this fragrance mist, i bought it in July at the airport, while waiting for my plane to turkey to come into Manchester airport. At the time i did purchase two but out of the two this is my favorite but i will post a review and haul containing the other one. So i have been wearing this fragrance mist throughout July and August, i wore it nearly every single day on holiday in July and August. This perfume is lovely and sweet and smells of vanilla and i find when i am wearing this it lifts my mood and makes me happy.
Avon Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls | Avon Catalogue | £10
 I have really been loving these to use on my cheek bones to give me a nice bronzed look. I haven't been wearing blush at all just these and i have been really enjoying the bronzed look that its been giving me.
technic Get LASHED Volumising Mascara | Bodycare | £1.39
This mascara is quite a wet mascara which i like and i really like the brush and how it separates my lashes and makes them have lots of volume and length.
Doughnut Bun | Primark | £1
This month i have been really lazy with my hair, because it the summer holidays and i am just chilling and relaxing and having a good time so i don't want to be spending lodes of time on my hair so i have just been having a bun on second and third day hair.
Lips WELL LICKED extreme shine lip gloss in Sorbet | Primark | £2.50
I bought this lip gloss quite a while ago and recently i have reached for it alot, it doesn't appear as orange on the lips as it looks in the tube with the amount that i apply but, i imagine it would if i applied more, it gives me a nice orangy, red colour which i quite like.
Stud Earrings Tassilly White Crystal 6mm by Tresor Paris | Tylers Jewelry Quarter | £11
These earring were a gift to me from my cousin for my birthday. They are real sterling silver, which i asked for so i can wear them all the time if i want and i wont need to change them because the fake, cheap earring that i get from Primark and places like that, if left in my ears to long, make the hole (that sounds rather rude, whups) go black and horrible, so i have been wearing these everyday in August.

If i have reviewed any of the items or products mentioned in this post, i will link the post to the name of the item or product, so click the name of the item or product if you want to read that.

So there are all my favorite things in August, whats are yours??

Speak to you guys soon 

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  1. I love the packaging of that Primark lipgloss xx

    1. me to, i like how it has a mirror on the side and a light in the lid so its great for on the go x

  2. I love the body shop mists they're so refreshing!! love your blog xx

  3. That lip gloss looks really lovely. Great post!

    1. thank you, i will probably do a review on it when i get round to it x

  4. great post!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. i've just launched a brand new giveaway where you can win a MAC lipstick and a set of 5 models own polishes!

  5. hair donuts, best invention ever!!

  6. I really love these posts - my product of the month would probably have to be Lush's Angels On Bare Skin cleanser - love it.


  7. The Mascara is one of de bestest I use, is perfect! And the plazer you show in the other post is gorg.! Nice blog!

  8. Lovely blog!
    I'm now following you, and it would be really nice of you if you wanted to follow me back! :) x

  9. Those earrings are gorgeous!
    please check out my blog if you have time!

  10. Great blog. I like the mascara.


  11. I love avon products i thank they're great.
    Btw, im following you. it would be better if you follow me too!


  12. Great photos!

  13. LOVE the vanilla fragrance, just the way it smells is perfect.


  14. Another big fan of the body shop vanilla spray, I wear it at work but I've started wanting it on all the time! Love your blog btw! X x

  15. Avon really are amazing, I worked as a rep for them a while ago and you get some great benefits, like discounted products!

    Lovely post x


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