Friday, 26 August 2011

Tescos Taylor Taylor Nail Varnish/Polish Remover

This nail polish remover is amazing and it was only £1 i got it quite a while ago because as you can see i have  nothing left. I think i got this around last christmas but dont quote me on that because i am really not sure. Anyway i love this nail polish remover because this nail polish remover removes nail polish/varnish so quick and easy i use either cotton balls or cotton pads to remove my nail polish/varnish. I make sure the 
cotton ball/cotton pad moist with the nail polish remover then i just move the cotton ball / cotton pad in circular motions all around the nail and it gets everything off really quickly. The only downfall is the smell but it smells the exact same as all the other nail varnish removers but i just hate the smell of nail varnish remover in genoral. Overall love this product so i highly recommend getting some off this from tescos and plus it is only £1. 

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