Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween Candy/Treat Bowl Ideas

Every year i love getting the candy / sweets ready for the trick or treaters that come knocking on my door but i always miss them :(  because i am normally taken my sister down the street trick or treating. Also, i love going shopping for the sweets because i find it interesting to see what different new ones there is in the shops that they didnt have last year. 

I would also like to talk about the worst thing that has happened when you dont answer the door to people because you have ran out of sweets. Last year we ran out of sweets so we didnt answer the door and they kicked over all our pumpkins i know that isnt that bad but it could of set on fire because there were tea lights inside. If you have any experiences like that or anything really please leave them in a comment below so i can read them and i do read all the comments but i will only reply if there is a question because i just feel that you would get bored of me just saying thanks for commenting. But, if you leave your blog at the end of your comment or if you follow me i always have a little nosy and check out your blog and i will follow if your blog is something i really love to read.


  1. Yum!I love reese's candy bars.Very nice cauldron treat bowl.

  2. Reese's are my favourite!
    This is my first halloween were I'm not living with my parents, so I'm having to battle all the trick or treaters alone with my boyfriend! I have a bowl of sweets at the ready! Although I was thinking some greedy kid will just dip their hand in and pull out the biggest handful of sweets, so I've decided to share them out into little halloween bags instead ;-)
    Happy Halloween!
    Btw - I have an Autumn beauty giveaway on my blog right now which ends on Monday, so come and check it out when you get a spare minute :-)

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  4. Love your blog and going to become a follwer! I have just started blogging feel free 2 check out mine!

    Once wen I didnt open the door people threw eggs at my windows!!!


  5. Great post! I love Halloween, but am at an awkward age were I'm too old for Trick or Treating but too young to go to any good parties, but I enjoyed buying sweets and treats for trick or treaters :)

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