Friday, 7 October 2011

Haul Superman Top, Brown Heart Top, Cream dress

I love this top so much it comes in many different colours e.g. beige, red and a darker brown. The sizes they come in are s/m or m/l.  It was £7.99 and it was from a small local boutique in my area and you would easily be able to find them elsewhere.

  I have been wanting one of these tops for ages but i didnt want a baggy one so at last i fund one made out of a fabric that clings to the skin. i think this will look really cool just with leggins and it is band on trend for teens. This was £4.99 again from a small local boutique and again i  got it in s/m. 

I love this dress i went out in it the other day and i got lots of complements and felt amazing in this dress. The picture above was taking when i had finished getting ready to go out. I felt so confident in this dress and i want you all to feel very confident to. So if you want to purchase this dress again i found it in a small local boutique and this was in m/l and i was really shocked when it fit me because i am normally a size 6 to 8 and a m/l fit me perfect. Personally i think it was sized wrong but it was £7.50. So i really recommend you check out all the small boutiques in you area because you can find some really nice cheap clothes i them.


  1. If I ever come to ur city in England we are so going shopping together !!
    Any ways I love everything u bought especially the first top !!

  2. Nice stuff!

  3. I think I'm going to the UK soon , I don't post pictures of myself coz my mom thinks it's not very safe not because I'm scared people will judge me and I'm gonna start a twitter soon !
    + I watched XFACTOR UK and it is seriously amazing !

    I was here and I will always be !! ♥♥♥

    P.S ur an amazing blogger and an amazing person !!

  4. ooo.. the white dress is absolutely gorgeous!! And for just under £10, that is a real bargain! It looks more expensive than that!

  5. addicted-2-make-up - yeh we will have to meet up somewhere xx

    t - thank you so much for commenting i really appreciate it x

    addicted-2-make-up - aww thank you, you are a amazing blogger to and as soon as you get twitter send me your link so i can follow you xx

    Maya - i know i was so happy when i saw this i love a good bargain and i am going to check out your blog xx

    Lauren x

  6. Wow that dress is gorgeous! It looks so good on you :)

  7. That dress looks so lovely on you! Can't get over that it was £7.50 lol it looks much more expensive! xx

  8. My twitter :!/AliaEltawil
    wht's urs ?


    Thank u 4 all the lovely comments u leave on my blog ! (:

  9. addicted-to-make-up - mines!/RavingBeautyx xx


  10. that dress is so cute!!!!!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

    LoveFaye xoxo

  11. Beautiful dress! love it.. xoxo

  12. Oh yes it is quite similar lol very cute i also have the heart leopard top but in a khaki colour its on my blog. Very similar taste haha xx

  13. The first t-shirt is great and what a steal! Lovely buys :)


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