Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Go cream blusher in number 1

I love this cream blusher it is so pigmented when you apply. It blends really well but i wouldnt reccomend it for oily skin because people with oily skin always want a matte finish. This Blusher has a little shimmer in it and gives you a glow. I love this blusher because it looks so natural on your cheeks it looks like when you have been playing out in the snow when you were a kid and you come back in the house and you get the natural red cheeks.


  1. This blush is such a perfect colour pink! I keep hearing about this brand. It is wonderful to see a swatch and get a good look at it! Thank you! I am a huge fan of cream blush and love how natural it looks! xo

  2. hello.. wow.. hehe! I like your blog's theme. I'm in love with make up too. Well, I love everything girly hahahahaha!

    Anyway, I would love to wear this color but I have a natural tan because I live in a tropical country. :-( With that, there are certain colors that are suitable for me. Hehe.

    I'm sooo jealous that you can wear this color. :)
    I followed your blog. :)

  3. ElevenEyes - i have been hearing alot about this brand to and thats why i checked it out xx

    pamgotcrazy - thank you so much for following my blog and you should give this a try you never know it might suit you xx

    Lauren x


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