Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Primark Blusher powder in a peachy colour

This blusher was from primark and i think it was £1 which is really good and cheap. This is a kind of peachy colour and is very pigmented as you may or may not be able to see from the picture. It makes you look very healthy and gives you a very natural glow and looks amazing with a shimmery highlighter above it.


  1. Love finding cheap stuff that I can actually use!! Looks like a beautiful color!

    Love the blog!!


  2. primarks prices are great! :P Xx


  3. Primark primer is awesome! It's a great dupe of "That Gal" by benefit and think its only £2.50!

    Great blog, please check out mine I only started today!


  4. You have a lovely blog! :] And that blusher is beautiful!! :]

  5. primark prices are great, you can find nice things like that lovely blush! :) i love the colour! xx

  6. I have awarded you a blog award. xx

  7. good buy! Love primark :) going to check this out xx

  8. Natasha -thank you so much and i am going to check your blog out now xx

    Mannequins Dream - yes hey really are going to check your blog out after natasha's xx

    Natalie - i know primark i awesome and i am going to check your blog out after mannequins Dream's blog xx

    OhYouPrettyThings - Thank you so much xx

    Peach - Primarks prices are awesome xx

    hayley86bright - you are amazing thank you so much for giving me this award xx

    kia - i love primark to xx

    Lauren x


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